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Keynsham Memorial Park - Park Side Cafe

The Park Side Cafe serves hot and cold refreshments and snacks, including; tea and coffee, cold drinks, sweets and delicious Marshfield Ice Cream. With plenty of comfortable seating for you to enjoy the park views while relaxing outside our cafe.

The Park plays an important part in the local community. The site includes a wide variety of facilities including two children's play areas, a skate park, picnic area, bowling green, the park side café which is generally open during the summer and school holidays.

Keynsham Memorial Park (KMP) lies along the line of the Chew River just east of Keynsham High Street and encompasses 10.7 hectares (26 and a half acres). It contains wooded areas, water habitats and grassy vistas.

The park was named to commemorate the war dead of Keynsham, and now commemorates those killed in the First and Second World Wars as well as the Falklands conflict. A memorial to these exists in the form of the gates on Bath Hill.

There is pedestrian access to the park adjacent to these gates and there is a pay and display car park on Bath Hill East a couple of minutes’ walk away.

The southern part of the park is also known locally as Chew Park due to the role of the river as the main focus while the northern area close to the ecclesiastical ruins is referred to as Abbey Park by some.

Keynsham Memorial Park was awarded Green Flag for the first time in 2009 and is proud to have been awarded a Green Flag every year since then.

Keynsham Memorial Park  - Park Side Cafe


Keynsham Memorial Park  - Park Side Cafe